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It is an honor to assist you with your Real Estate needs. Before asking me about a property please click on the link below which explains how Brokerage Services works in Texas.

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pre-qualification letter. You may qualify for a $500,000 house but the payments simply will not work for your budget. It’s important that you understand how much money you will need to put down and what your monthly payments will be. These are the two biggest factors in finding your new home. Once we narrow this down you can decide what secondary things are more important, age, size, condition, charm, style, layout, new construction or preowned. These are important elements as well but if you will place the first two, area and price, at the top of your criteria you will find it easier to narrow it down to the right house for your family.

Choices, Choices, Choices! How Do I Decide?!

     Are you looking to buy your next house? Do you feel overwhelmed by all the choices? How do you know which house to buy and if you buy it will you lay awake at night wondering if you bought the right one? As a REALTOR I don’t want to just send you every listed house in the county. It is my job to help you learn your

market so that you don’t spend hours walking through house after house until you can’t tell the difference between them. ​There is a better approach to purchasing your home. As a buyer’s agent the first question I ask my clients is: what area are you hoping to move to? The answer may be as broad as a city or as narrow as one specific subdivision. Either way, choosing your area is the most important step in looking for a house. The old real estate tagline “location, location, location” is still as relevant in the home buying process as ever. The second question is: What is your price range? This question is not simply answered by showing the number on a